Ramen for a carnivore

On my way home from Tokyo, I spent a night in the Susukino district of Sapporo. After leaving Hokkaido for a month, I was yearning for some good miso ramen.

I headed for the Ramen Yokocho, a famous alleyway that houses a plethora of tiny shops. I took a nap after my flight and wasn’t able to stumble in until around 2 am, so only three or four shops were open.

Halfway through the alley, I caught a glimpse of an advertisement for one of them. Meat was literally overflowing from the bowl. It’s name was Double Chashu, but compared to the meat content of other ramen, it could have just as easily been called Quadruple Chashu… (Chashu is the thinly-sliced pork loin that is usually floating on top of the ramen noodles).

Behold its glory:


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