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Ramen for a carnivore
August 13, 2010

On my way home from Tokyo, I spent a night in the Susukino district of Sapporo. After leaving Hokkaido for a month, I was yearning for some good miso ramen.

I headed for the Ramen Yokocho, a famous alleyway that houses a plethora of tiny shops. I took a nap after my flight and wasn’t able to stumble in until around 2 am, so only three or four shops were open.

Halfway through the alley, I caught a glimpse of an advertisement for one of them. Meat was literally overflowing from the bowl. It’s name was Double Chashu, but compared to the meat content of other ramen, it could have just as easily been called Quadruple Chashu… (Chashu is the thinly-sliced pork loin that is usually floating on top of the ramen noodles).

Behold its glory:

Smelly fish Friday
May 21, 2010

I don’t mind processed tuna, but any kind of fish with the scales left on it makes my stomach turn. I’ve just never acquired a taste for fish… I don’t mind crustaceans and cephalopods, but fish is revolting.

Well… In Japan, the giant island, fish is obviously a staple of the Japanese diet. And, thus, fish is served often in school lunch.

Today was one of those days, and I knew it the moment I stepped into the teacher’s room. The stench almost knocked me out.

To make matters worse, it was served alongside some heinous mix of Chinese spinach and other assorted strange veggies. I love spinach, but not this awful Chinese-Japanese bastardization. Popeye would cry if he saw this.

Another soup-and-plain-white-rice-only day here in Kitami City…