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November 11, 2009

300 Yen Izakaya’s famous dish… “Jumbo Chicken Katsu.” Enough to feed a whole family (or two Japanese families) for only ¥300. Sadly… we couldn’t even finish it… And Japan isn’t too keen on carry-out.

The photo does absolutely no justice, and I apologize for not leaving something in the shot as a point of reference (I’ll return someday with my Nikon). So, the cabbage at the top left corner is about the size of half a head of iceberg lettuce (sorry people, I’m a lettuce man, I have no idea what a head of cabbage looks like). The plate it was served on the biggest plate I have seen thus far in Japan, and rivals even the biggest of Cheesecake Factory plates back home.

Tonight in Kitami
November 11, 2009

The snow has subsided, but it remains a chilly -.03 degrees. I hope the snow remains through Saturday for some Kurodake snowboarding…